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Whiplash symptoms

Whiplash symptoms often take time to develop after an accident and will depend largely on the severity of the injury sustained.

It may take from 6 to 12 hours for whiplash symptoms to become apparent. Pain and stiffness can often be much worse during the days following the injury and so it is essential that the sufferer seeks medical advice as soon as this occurs to enable a proper diagnoses to be made.

Whiplash symptoms can include tenderness along the back of the neck, neck pain, neck swelling or a reduction in neck movement.

Whiplash symptoms such as lower back pain, numbness or pins and needles in arms and hands may indicate a fractured vertebrae or herniated disc. A herniated disc can cause pressure on nerves in the spine producing unusual sensations in the associated limbs.

When you visit your GP you will be asked about the circumstances of the accident, the symptoms you are suffering from, and you will be given a physical examination. If a neck fracture is suspected, you will probably need to go for an x-ray.

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