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Whiplash injury compensation claims

Under current UK law, compensation claims for whiplash or in fact any injury sustained as a result of a negligent driver, can be made at any time within 3 years of the accident occurring.

Whiplash is a common injury sustained by the driver or passengers involved in front or rear end accidents on the road, and even sufferers of minor whiplash injuries can claim compensation for them. If you believe you are suffering from a whiplash injury you seek advice from a medical professional to ensure that you receive the correct treatment for your condition.

If the at-fault driver is un-insured, you may still be able to get help by making a compensation claim from either the Motor Insurance Bureau or the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

How much compensation will I receive?

The amount of compensation you may receive for a whiplash claim will depend on various factors including the severity of the injury, the recovery period, and whether you will require long term or permanent care as a result.

Guideline whiplash injury claim amounts:

For a minor whiplash injury, you could claim up to 7000

For a moderate whiplash injury, you could claim up to 25,000

For a severe neck fracture resulting from a whiplash injury, you could claim up to 200,000

If you would like to make an injury claim please click here for more information.

We can arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at either a garage of your choice, or one of our approved accident repair centres. If you need a hire-car, we can provide a comparable replacement vehicle while your car is off the road, and all at the expense of the person at-faults insurer.

We claim all costs back from the at-fault drivers insurance company, so it does not cost you a penny!

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