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Types of head injury caused by road accidents

The symptoms exhibited by an individual involved in a road accident will depend on the type and severity of the head injury sustained. Types of head injuries include concussion, skull fractures or intra cranial hematomas. An initial assessment would normally be made at the scene of the accident, but any one of these injuries would probably be investigated further at the hospital.

A concussion is considered to be a minor head injury. The symptoms can include headaches, confusion, loss of awareness, memory loss or nausea, any of which may last from a couple of days to several weeks. The individual may be advised to stay off their feet, get plenty of rest and may prescribe a course of medication to ease the symptoms.

A skull fracture is a fracture to the plate-like bones that make up the human skull. There are four types of skull fractures, linear skull fractures, diastatic skull fractures, depressed skull fractures, and basilar skull fractures.

A basilar skull fracture is one of the most serious, but is also thankfully, rare. This is break or fracture to the base of the skull causing a loss of the fluid that surrounds the brain. A head injury such as this may cause a person to have severe head pain, not be able to walk or balance or they may even be in a coma. A long-term stay in a hospital may be required for a person with this type of head injury to enable further assessment.

Claiming injury compensation

During this difficult time the individual and their carers will undergo both emotional and financial challenges. Claiming injury compensation is a straightforward process and can help ease financial worries and provide extra support for any long term care.

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