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Treatment for whiplash injuries

Treatments for whiplash will depend on the severity, and type of injury. Remember that what you consider to be minor aches and pains may actually indicate an underlying condition which may need a controlled course of treatments.

Minor whiplash injuries

Treatment for whiplash can take various forms. It is common for hospitals to x-ray individuals involved in road accidents. If no bone injury is found then a course of anti-inflammatory medication or pain killers may be prescribed.

You may be asked to wear a soft neck, or thermal neck collar and rest. In some instances it may be more appropriate to keep the neck mobile and use gentle exercise to help the damaged tissues recover.

Herniated discs

Unless the injury is particularly severe, surgery will not normally be required for herniated discs. Usually physiotherapy sessions in conjunction with drug treatments will be prescribed to help the body heal itself naturally.

The treatment regime will be based on controlled physical activity. Treatment will begin with a short period of bed rest followed by a gradual return to normal activities.

The use of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and muscle relaxants or tranquillisers is important to manage the condition, and in some instances a correct dose of aspirin has been proven to help herniated discs.

Surgical intervention for a herniated disc injury is generally only recommended when all other non-surgical treatments have not been effective.

Fractured vertebrae

A fractured vertebrae will usually be identified from a physical examination followed by an x-ray, with a CT or MRI scan being used to locate more difficult or complex whiplash related fractures.

Treatment for this condition is usually similar to that of a herniated disc injury, whereby surgical procedures are avoided whenever possible.

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